Head to La Paz for Great Things to Do in the Baja

Mexico’s Baja California is a virtual treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. The city of La Paz, located on the eastern coastline, is no exception and is known internationally as a one of the country’s most important regions when it comes to ecotourism. For families travelling together there are many exciting things to do in La Paz, of which the following are highly recommended:

Whale Museum
This community-run environmental center is operated by volunteers, senior high school and university students and boasts one of the most important cetacean (the diverse infraorder of carnivorous, aquatic mammals that include dolphins and whales) osteological (bone) collections in the entire country. Their scientific museum exhibitions, art exhibitions, talks, workshops, conferences, symposia and publications allow visitors a window into the world of these wonderful creatures. Located on Antonio Navarro between Ignacio Altamirano and Heroes de la Independencia, beside the city’s main theatre.

Espiritu Santo Island
No visit to La Paz is complete without a visit to the desert island of Espiritu Santo. On the way out by boat one unforgettable option is to swim with whale sharks, one of the ocean’s biggest fish. Closest to the Pichilingue Peninsula, the island stretches 11 miles long and 3 miles wide and boasts dozens of lovely bays, rich marine life and land-based reptiles, birds, and amphibians. Here in the inviting waters of the Sea of Cortez families can enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the world, including encounters in the water with playful sea lions.

The city’s reconstructed waterfront, with its wide sidewalk, tiny beaches, benches, sculptures by local artists and incredible sunset views seen from any of its numerous restaurants, cafes and bars, has become one the city’s main attractions. A leisurely stroll along its 3.5 mile length is a great way to mix with locals just before settling down for dinner at the end of the day.

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