Head to Oaxaca to Explore the Very Best of Mexico

The biodiversity surrounding Oaxaca City has been the perfect catalyst for an increase in adventure and ecotourism in Mexico. Eco-tours run to various locations of interest in the region, principally in the spectacular mountain range of the Sierra Norte.

Many of the villages in the mountains of the Sierra Norte form part of a connected indigenous community whose objectives are ecologically focused, primarily through a sustainable forestry industry which is the primary source of income for the local economy.

As a result of this growth in ecotourism, there are many things to do in Oaxaca. Most of these rural villages offer accommodation in the form of cabanas, guided hikes and challenging rides along mountain bike trails. Others offer additional activities, such as rope bridges, zip lines, climbing and rappelling, all against the backdrop of the incomparable natural beauty of the area.

In the Mixteca region of Oaxaca for example, the small village of Santiago Apoala is home to a cave with an underground river, a waterfall and other natural attractions. Most of these local communities offer guides who lead visitors along scenic trails, past springs, caves, meadows, and mountain vistas, identifying useful plants and animals along the way.

The unique mountain cultures of the State of Oaxaca and its indigenous Mexican people, all participate to produce unique opportunities for ecotourism to flourish, providing the best experience possible for travelers to the region.

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