Head Underwater in Puerto Morelos For Some Amazing Views

The village of Puerto Morelos is a safe and unhurried fishing village about 45 minutes from Cancun airport, in the state of Quintana Roo.

Life here mostly revolves around the sea, and for generations local men in their fishing launches have provided fresh seafood. Today, however, colorful boats take tourists snorkeling, diving, or sport fishing, just off the town’s magnificent coast.

The reef just offshore is a protected Marine National Park, consequently, the Puerto Morelos’ snorkeling scene is as good as anywhere on the Riviera Maya.

Set very close to the shore, the local reef serves as a natural barrier for much of the town. For snorkelers this not only means there is a shallow system waiting to be explored from the beach, but that the already warm and clear waters are calm as well. In addition to the natural conditions that are so great, the government has laid down strict rules which helps to keep the marine life healthy and safe.

There is no bad time to dive in Puerto Morelos. In fact, the water temperatures remain relatively constant year-round and cool only slightly during the winter months. December to April is considered the best time to visit Mexico and therefore is the most popular time to dive in the Caribbean. Because the winter months constitute high season, you should make sure to book as early as possible in order to secure the best rate.

On average, water temperatures vary between 77 and 82ºF in this part of the Caribbean. From November until March, Bull Sharks are commonly found off the coast of Playa del Carmen, and many other pelagic species are attracted to the area by the slightly cooler temperatures.

Elsewhere, Puerto Morelos is also a great place for fun family activities; safe, with very little traffic and a pleasant residential mix of Mexicans, Canadians, Europeans, and Americans. It seems that everyone who visits wants to throw their anchor here and live life a little less hectic and lot more serene. The nightlife is confined to stargazing, dinner at one of the great little restaurants, or a live band at a beach bar. But its ideal location, a half hour from Cancun and Playa del Carmen, means you’re close enough to enjoy the glitz and shopping of the cities, without any of the hassle.

Puerto Morelos’ coast also offers long stretches of sugar-white, palm tree lined sand, secret grottos, tropical rainforest, the adrenaline pump of zipline tours, and the evergreen mystery of the Tulum ruins and the Yucatan’s pervading Mayan history.

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