Inclusive Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s Pacific Coast Fun Spot

The regional identity and peculiar Mexican culture of Puerto Vallarta, and the surrounding Banderas Bay region, is one that sticks to traditional customs and cultural characteristics.

The area is known for its increasingly liberal views on lifestyle and culture – probably thanks to the influx of tourists and ex-patriots to the area. However, the city’s residents still retain somewhat traditional views on family and marriage. But gender roles in these families becoming less strict in recent decades, as women began finding more success in career options and in equality in general.

Each year, Puerto Vallarta sponsors the Old Town Art Walk in its historical city center. This months-long event begins the last Wednesday of October and ends on the final Wednesday in May. More than fourteen galleries participate in exhibitions with cocktail and tequila tasting being included. This is an excellent opportunity to view spectacular paintings, sculptures, fine ceramics, and other creative and diverse pieces of art, while meeting some of the artists, engaging in lively conversation, and making new friends.

In the spring of 2010, Puerto Vallarta opened a 912 seat state-of-the-art theater, Teatro Vallarta, in its city center. This theater hosts both national and international productions, houses a modern art gallery, and is located directly across Ley Supermarket, between Avenida Mexico and Peru Street.

The city is also a launching pad for offering trips to the nearby Sierra Madre, exploring Mexican history in San Sebastian del Oeste, or visiting the traditional villages of Yelapa.

But despite its young age and newly-formed identity, the culture of Puerto Vallarta is vibrant and interesting. Walking through the downtown streets, along the Malecon, or through the Zona Romantica, will showcase the real Puerto Vallarta that many don’t always get the chance to see.

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