Interesting and Fun Facts About Sunny San Jose del Cabo

Whether you are a seasoned visitor, or you have just begun your Cabo tradition in one of the country’s best family vacation spots, you’re bound to learn something new everyday.

Los Cabos (or Cabo) – as it is commonly known – is actually made up of 3 areas: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and the Corridor. Cabo San Lucas is to the west and San Jose del Cabo to the east, with the Corridor making up the 20 miles or so in between.

Contrary to popular belief, the margarita isn’t the local beverage of choice. Damiana, a small bush that grows wild in the area with aphrodisiac and stress reliever properties, is actually the traditional drink of choice, whether in its tea or liquor reiterations.

El Arco and the Arch, refer to the arch-shaped rock formation that makes up a part of the larger Land’s End rock formation. The Arch famously juts out into the ocean as the extreme southern tip of Baja California, and marks the spot where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The Land’s End outcrop is a one of most popular San Jose del Cabo excursions, and includes the Arch, as mentioned above, as well as the Window to Pacific and Lover’s Beach.

There is a popular dive spot that features an underwater sand waterfall, where sands cascade down into a 1,200 foot canyon below. The dive spot is for advanced divers only, and was first discovered by Jacques Cousteau during his adventures in Baja.

From mid-November to the end of March, Cabo San Lucas offers – apart from the regular hiking and ATV tours – fantastic opportunities for whale watching. The most sightings occur during January through March when the humpback and gray whales follow their migration path from Alaska back to the warm waters of Baja California Sur.

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