Interesting Weather Facts for Holbox Island

Holbox Island lies about 7 miles across the water from the dog-eared port of Chiquila on the northern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, separated from the mainland by a flamingo-dotted lagoon.

Hot, sunny and humid days are the norm for much of the year here, although the season of nortes (storms bringing wind and rain from the north) lowers temperatures a bit from November through February.

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During the rainy season, which runs from May through October, you can expect heavy rains for an hour or two most afternoons, but generally clear weather otherwise. But keep in mind that the hurricane season also lasts from June to November, with most of the activity occurring from mid-August to mid-September.

The island is a welcome refuge for anyone looking to just get away from all the Cancun tours on offer today. Surrounded by alluring azure waters, an indulging Caribbean breeze, and distinctly insatiable Holbox weather, you simply have to visit the island.

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