It is Summer All Year Long on Isla Mujeres

The weather on Isla Mujeres is exactly what you’d hope for – perfectly sun-soaked.

This beautiful, sleepy little island located off the coast of Cancun, boasts fantastically bright blue water, corals bound for reef snorkeling, sugar sand beaches, gently waving palm trees, migrating whale sharks, Mayan ruins, and giant iguanas! If you’re looking for all the things that make Cancun wonderful, with the added benefit of quintessentially gorgeous Isla Mujeres weather, the island is a much quieter way to enjoy a Yucatan vacation.

The average temperature is usually hovers around 80° F (27° C). Making it a perfect place to swim, snorkel, and get your scuba diving certification. However, the humidity can get pretty high during the summer months, so when the weather reports the temperature as 85° F (29° C), but it ‘feels like 100° F (38° C)!’, believe it!

During these months, the tours to Isla Mujeres operate at their peak, so be sure to pack your sunscreen, drink lots of water, and make the most of the long days on this small slice of paradise.

Throughout the winter months there is occasionally a ‘Norte’, which brings cold fronts from the north, so be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket for the evenings. The winter months also offer excellent sportfishing, and happen to be the driest months of the year, with only an occasional afternoon shower.

A favorite for travelers seeking natural beauty, island serenity, and a slower pace of life—all without compromising its cultural traditions or the effervescent Cancun history that has spilled over from the mainland throughout the centuries. Isla is always sightly and always sunny.

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