La Paz Boasts These Unique Local Customs

Nestled by a placid bay on the Sea of Cortez, La Paz Mexico boasts pristine beaches and a warm climate. The coastal town is also a tranquil, easy-to-enjoy tourist attraction. Its natural landscapes, mountains, deserts and waters are the dream of every adventurer who enjoys camping, hiking tours, diving, deep sea fishing and extreme sports.

While people visit Cabo to get the American experience in Mexico, La Paz is a little known destination for those looking to experience the authentic Mexican culture. In fact, it is rich in history, heritage, and has an intense national pride in tradition, as well as a deep-seated respect for ancestry and the environment.

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This is most prevalent in the city’s Malecon, which serves as the town’s cultural centerpiece.

Visiting this boardwalk is both one of the simplest and most rewarding things to do in La Paz. Made up of a wide pavement that skirts the edge of the sea, the malecon is a place of cafes, bars, restaurants and excited Mexican children bobbing along on two wheels.

By day you can cross the small slip of beach and pop into the sea for a quick cool down. By night you’re going to want an ocean facing seat (in a bar or one of the many free-to-use benches that dot the malecon) to watch the sunset.

After dark, street sellers roll out their carts and friends, families, couples and solo travelers stay out to enjoy the cooler evening air.

Even more, every year in February, carnival festivities take over, featuring an array of fun family activities. The entire Malecon is shut down for three days, when numerous stands with vendors are brought out. Musicians and dancers arrive to put on shows, and there is a fair, ferris wheels, and all sorts of rides for the kids.

From heart-stopping adventure, like swimming with whale sharks, to awe-inspiring sunsets and beautiful tradition, La Paz is the destination of dreams.

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