La Paz Offers Year Round Events for All Interests

Throughout the year, there are plenty of events and festivals going on in La Paz. Because the weather in the city is warm and comfortable year-round, Attendance to these events is worthwhile every time. The following is an essential guide to the many things to do in La Paz, with a focus on the monthly highlights for festivals and events.

Here are some of the events you could find in La Paz:

– New Year’s Day celebrations, in January, are always lively and entertaining, there are plenty of parades going through town, an overflow of firework showcases and many exhilarating celebrations filling the streets.

– During the middle of February, La Paz celebrates Carnival, which extends over six days and consists of the “quema del mal humor”, dances, parades with floats, a royal court and more.

– On the 5th of May, “Cinco de Mayo”, a staple of Mexican traditions, is celebrated nation-wide, where music, joyous celebrations and a loud party atmosphere takes over La Paz’s typically reserved streets.

– In April the Tequila and Mariachi Festival, which is a relatively new addition to the La Paz festival scene, arrives to a great atmosphere with varieties of home grown and imported tequila and classical Mariachi music.

– May brings the La Paz Foundation Fair and Festival to town. Festivities are held to commemorate the Foundation of the city, featuring many diverse artistic and cultural events.

– The La Paz International Bisbee’s Fishing Tournament is held in the middle of September in the Sea of Cortez, and is a big deal in the sport fishing community. The first of its three annual fishing tournaments held in Baja California Sur, Bisbee’s also holds more fishing events during other months, giving the underwater landscape a different texture to the usual whale watching in Mexico, or scuba diving activities that have become so usual for travelers to the region.

– November brings about the Baja 1000 Off Road Racing, arguably the best off road racing contest in Mexico. Various types of vehicle classes are able to compete on the same course – from both small and large bore motorcycles, stock Volkswagen’s, production vehicles, buggies, trucks, and custom fabricated race vehicles.

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