Learn About Local Events For Your Next Trip to Monterrey

Monterrey— the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon—is regarded as the modern-day commercial and industrial powerhouse of the region. Unlike the more paradisiacal regions in Mexico, where family activities revolve around pristine underwater diving experiences, or unforgettable encounters with turtles and whale sharks, Monterrey’s focus lies in the spectacular mountainous region of north-east Mexico – where hot air balloon rides, scenic hiking and the best zip lines in the country make for consistently great outdoor entertainment.

In addition religious and secular festivals form the fibre of the city’s peculiar Mexican culture. As Monterrey hosts many festivals throughout the year commemorating traditions and historical figures.

The Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey is one of the foremost things to do in Monterrey Mexico, and one of the largest showcases of film throughout the country. The festival takes place at theaters around the city and features an incredible variety of film styles and content from a range of Mexican and international filmmakers.

Dia de la Bandera – or Flag Day – is a day in February where locals celebrate the country’s flag. Visitors can expect to see miniature Mexican flags everywhere as the city turns into a collage of red, white, and green.

Hazlo Tu is an entrepreneurial arts festival for small artists and dealers to gain exposure and help create a name for themselves in the often cluttered art market. It also features workshops, live demonstrations, and facilitates direct art sales to the public. Hazlo Tu is a must-do for any artist or art enthusiast.

The Festival Cultural Barrio Antiguo is one of Mexico’s most important cultural celebrations. At this festival all forms of artistic expression are on display and celebrated with a series of exhibits, live music performances, and conferences. The festival is held in Monterrey’s Old Quarter at a variety of locations.

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