Let San Luis Potosi Take Care of Your Health and Wellness

Over the years, as mobility and opportunities to travel have become more accessible to people all around the world, the trend of jam-packing the vacation schedule with excursions and visits to must-see monuments has taken root. In a world that is constantly on the go and connected, we forget to make time for ourselves, even while on vacation. For many, trips consisting of sightseeing and exploration are enticing, but not quite what they are looking for. Instead, more and more individuals each year are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life – they look to disconnect and heal.

It’s no secret – Mexico is home to some of the most exquisite landscape the world has to offer, making it a pristine destination for thrill-seeking tourists who take advantage of its roaring rivers, steep water-falls, profound canyons, and towering mountains. What is less known, however, is the healing power this same landscape offers to many visitors each year. For every roaring river, there is the calm, tranquil sound of a waterfall. For every profound canyon, there is a breathtaking view. Such surroundings make for a superb spot to re-gather and rejuvenate. One such location is the Mexican city of San Luis Potosi.

As a popular destination for those seeking adventure and relaxation, San Luis Potosi has transformed into one of Central Mexico’s most coveted cities. Located in the region known as La Huasteca, its vast cultural offerings, exuberant biodiversity, and stunning ecological reserves make it the ideal site for all individuals, regardless of their needs. Whether partaking in the region’s adrenaline-rushing Huasteca tours, or taking in the majestic scenery through wellness programs, visitors are sure to succumb to its healing beauty.

Imagine the sound of your breath, flowing water, and the gentle breeze as you work your body in and out of yoga positions while on a flat surface within the Río Micos. Or perhaps you’d prefer to bring your mind to a state of peace as you meditate at the surrealist site of El Castillo de Sir Edward James, tucked away in the jungle of Xilitla. The greatest benefit to visiting San Luis Potosi is that options are limitless. With numerous yoga and mindfulness excursions, this destination is sure to renew a sense of calmness in the spirit of its visitors.

For some, physical activity and exploration are the most efficient ways to escape, regroup, and connect with nature. Whether rowing down the Río Tampaón to capture a glimpse of the awe-inspiring Cascada de Tamul, or hiking down a lush, jungle trail to feel the cool waters of Puente de Dios, visitors are able to experience the perfect combination of activity and stillness. The opportunity to be mobile while being awestruck by the surrounding scenery is one of the greatest gifts San Luis Potosi has to offer.

It isn’t always necessary to travel outside of the city limits to find peace and tranquility. While many will participate in Mexico adventure tours, others will take advantage of the numerous local spas and resorts found throughout the colonial center. Individuals looking for an in-depth wellness program will enjoy the comprehensive packages offered by San Luis Potosi’s very own Centre of the Conscious Dream – a center based on Shamanic, Buddhist, and intuitive energetic techniques aimed at re-connecting each human being with other parts of him/herself. For simple daily relaxation, visitors can choose from a number of spas and resorts that offer massages and additional grooming services. One thing is for sure – after leaving San Luis Potosí, visitors will leave with a refreshed sense of mind, body, and soul.

Although large numbers of visitors arrive from around the globe each year, the majority comes to witness either the best ruins in Mexico or the country’s famous white sand beaches and blue waters. Too few individuals find themselves walking the beautiful colonial streets of central Mexican cities. While some may believe that central Mexico is void of anything deemed “worthy” of visiting, what to do in San Luis Potosi remains clear – reconnect and rejuvenate. Soon, people will no longer be asking, “Where is San Luis Potosi?” As time continues forward, it is sure to capture the hearts and minds of all of those lucky enough to witness its truly healing energy.

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