Local Mayan Communities Are Managing Successful Ecotourism Projects Near Tulum

Located south of Cancun, Tulum was previously known as the alternative travelers’ paradise. While today’s visitors are more fashionable, they all come for Tulum’s well-earned reputation of helping people to unwind. Despite the region growing into a major tourism hub, the town has managed to retain its charm and hippy character, while characterizing its very own eco-friendly touch.

It is in fact only recently that Tulum added major tourism infrastructures to the natural wonders which first attracted nature lovers. Here, emerald waters, magical cenotes, sea turtles, colorful birds and other magical wildlife form the bohemian pantheon which makes up this modern-day settlement. But the white sand beaches in Tulum are arguably the greatest attraction.

With time, more and more travelers fell in love with this immaculate paradise. And as the word spread along the Riviera Maya, Tulum grew fast. Today, the town center is bustling with boutique hotels, unique restaurants and organic cafes.

The most preserved natural heritage in the area, and the most popular destination for the masses of Tulum tours, is the natural reserve of Sian Ka’an. 780,000 acres of pristine tropical forests, mangroves and marshes, as well as a large marine section intersected by a barrier reef, lies nestled here. It is host to a wide variety of plants and wildlife, including over 300 species of bird, and rare turtles. Here, kayak trips, snorkeling, and diving, make for wonderful encounters.

Without a doubt, Tulum is one of the top destinations in the region for ecotourism. Boasting one of the most well-known of the country’s Mayan ruins, there is something about the area that makes you want to preserve all that Mother Nature and the people who have come before us, have built.

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