Local Traditions in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is many things all at once. From the outside it may seem like an adventurer’s haven, with great local hiking trails, ATV and zip line tours aplenty, and wonderful coastline activities. But up close, the combination of ancient and modern culture is one of the most interesting things about the city. For most visitors, the blending of the traditional with the popular, or the cultural with the culinary, ultimately invites intrigue into the vacation, making Cabo San Lucas one of the most popular destinations in the world today.

On this side of the cape region, music blares out from a variety of clubs offering blends of various popular tunes and Mexican customs. Here, flea markets are soundtracked by local Mariachi bands, and trendy T-shirt and souvenir shops line the streets within the central shopping district, not to mention the colorful and personable vendors selling jewelry, bracelets, and street-art that is spray-painted in front of your very eyes.

In Cabo San Lucas specifically, there are two traditional calendar dates that make the whole town sing and dance.

The traditional festival occurs between March 16th to March 22nd, with seven days full of music by well known artists. The event commemorates Saint Joseph, and celebrates the building of the Anuití mission in 1730 – forming what is now the heart of San Jose del Cabo. During the event, typical food of the area is for sale, as well as mechanical games, traditional dances and horseback riding. There is also a pilgrimage led by the local community, with a statue of the patron saint carried by the members of the community.

The iconic Festival of Cabo San Lucas, on the other hand, celebrates the city’s patron Saint Luke. Symbolically, the statue of Saint Luke is taken on a boat trip, where after the religious activities begin. The short trip starts off from the harbor and heads out in the bay towards the arch at Land’s End.

Here is where the participants ask the patron saint to provide them with a year of very productive work. The songs, flowers and traditional foods cannot be missed. At night, however, the party continues with local, national and international artists entertaining the crowd with their music. Thousands of local people attend annually, when celebrations kick off from October 14th to 18th each year.

If Cabo Pulmo snorkeling, the glitz of lover’s beach, or even the astonishing whales in Cabo San Lucas don’t do it for you, rest assured the wonderfully endemic blend of culture and local customs will.

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