Loreto is a Great Way to Discover the Baja and the Sea of Cortez

Loreto is located in eastern Baja California, approximately 220 miles north of the capital city of La Paz. The Sea of Cortez, that lines the coast of Loreto, has garnered almost legendary status amongst snorkelers and divers alike for its incomparable variety of underwater sea life. This alluring little town offers a bona fide glimpse into the Mexico of yesteryear and features a wealth of interesting historical monuments. Even ancient cave paintings, which are remarkably well-preserved today because of climate and inaccessibility, can be found here.

Boasting charming views, a range of quaint streets and stores, and a calendar full of colorful traditions and festivities, Loreto offers a rich culture for travelers to experience. The most significant celebration,is the festival of “Our Lady of Loreto”, which is held on September 8th in honor of its beloved patron saint. On that day, the celebration attracts pilgrims from all over the Peninsula, filling the city with revellers who combine religious worship with very cheerful celebrations.

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A quick boat ride to Coronado island, presents some of the best snorkeling available in Baja California, where the azure waters and great visibility are populated by fascinating marine fauna such as rays and sea lions. Scuba diving is simply mandatory, and a wide array of choices from wall dives, 2 tank scuba dives, shallow and deep reef dives allow visitors the opportunity to appreciate eye-catching coral formations and splendid displays of tropical fish.

Loreto is a delightful vacation spot where the whole family can enjoy both the beauty of the incredible natural environment as well as the captivating culture of traditional Mexico.

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