Los Cabos has Amazing Scuba Diving in the Sea of Cortez

Abundant sea flora, amazing rock formations amongst the best coral reefs, and epic varieties of wildlife await your discovery in the waters just off Los Cabos, nestled at the tip of Baja California. Here temperatures and visibility vary greatly from day to day, and even site to site, as a result of the meeting between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

From December to March, Humpback and Grey Whales congregate in the area, and between August and December, Hammerheads and large schools of Mobula Rays can be seen at some of the local sites. This is when Los Cabos diving experiences are at their most sought-after, and tourist traffic heavily increases due to popular demand.

The end of the summer and fall brings about warm tropical water, and as the temperatures decrease in the winter, the number of unique species that can be seen in the dive sites increases, as well as the size of the schools of snapper, grunts, jacks and groupers.

World-famous diving excursions in Cabo offer quintessential experiences for divers of all levels. From beginners, to those who consider themselves experts in all things underwater. Whether you want to go diving with giant Manta rays, or paddle along with sea turtles, in Los Cabos you are guaranteed safe diving encounters and all round family fun.

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