Los Cabos Offers Year Round Sun, Pristine Beaches and Activities for All Ages

The Baja Peninsula’s physical separation – attributed to the Sea of Cortez – has helped contribute to the sense of cultural separation from the rest of its homeland. Although as in the rest of Mexico, there’s a deep sense of national pride. The combination of contemporary pop culture and a clashing of cultural tradition is one of the most interesting things that makes Los Cabos an always-entertaining experience.

It is easy to understand why so many flock to this slice of Mexico. Land and sea activities, such as ATV and dirt bike riding, the occasional camel safari, whale watching, scuba diving, snorkeling and dolphin swimming, allow for some of the greatest activities in the world.

But if you find yourself in Los Cabos on September 16th, get ready for fireworks, colorful banners and all-night parties that conclude in spectacular bonfires, when Independence Day is celebrated. On November 1st, Day of the Dead rolls around, and you’ll see families heading to cemeteries with brightly colored flowers, candies and other goodies to offer to their deceased loved ones. The holy week before Easter is another popular holiday, as is December 12th, the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe – the patron saint of Mexico.

These holidays are all celebrated in mainland Mexico, and regular visitors will recognize many of the traditional foods, songs and activities practiced throughout the country on these days. For the first-time visitor, it’s a great introduction to Mexican culture and the exuberant art of celebration in Los Cabos.

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