Mexico City Spoils Your Palate With its Abundant Exotic Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is incredibly varied – from robust Spanish flavors to contemporary twists on Mexican classics, you can taste all the regional favorites in Mexico City. Learn local culinary arts from skilled chefs, and indulge in the city’s gastronomic delights with this guide to some of the best food and drink establishments around town.

Bright and breezy ‘Contramar’, a Mexico City food tour institution, serves spectacularly fresh seafood to hordes of hungry lunch-time regulars. Eavesdrop on the local conversation while feasting on tuna Contramar style – whole fish, split and spiked with red chilies, then grilled over coals and served with steaming flour tortillas.

‘San Angel Inn’ gives you the chance to sit back in the original courtyard of this 17th Century hacienda and enjoy a couple of justifiably famous margaritas. White-linen tables, beautiful gardens and bow-tied waiters add to the sense of occasion.

As part of the top Mexico City tours, the lively market in colorful Coyoacan is unbeatable. Do as the locals and order quesadillas de tinga poblana (grilled cheese pockets with smoked pork and chilies), and wash it down with hibiscus juice.

A destination restaurant, culinary darling Patricia Quintana‘s hugely impressive ‘Izote’ highlights the country’s best Mexican nouvelle cuisine. Artistic creations reinterpret classic Mexican treats to triumphant effect. Experience this intimate space and savor duck quesadillas or lobster enchiladas.

Between all the guided hiking tours on the outskirts, or the fascinating history of Mexico keeping you entertained, in Mexico City you can savor street food eaten while standing up, to remarkable sit-down 11-course meals, and you’ll only scratch the surface of this cosmopolitan city’s incredible cuisine.

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