Monterrey is the Economic Powerhouse and Cultural Center of Northeast Mexico

A powerhouse of business and industry, Monterrey is one of the most important production and trade centers in the country. But there is much more to Monterrey than just business and industry. The city is enveloped by colonial architecture, manicured suburbs, a massive city center, and a cultural and historical uprising, prominent in the Mexican traditions that characterizes modern-day Monterrey.

Culture makes up some of the city’s most celebrated local customs. Many magnificent buildings and landmarks reside in Monterrey and include the Old Federal Palace, which boasts strong Art Deco influences. As well as the Metropolitan Cathedral, which dates back to the early 17th century and took well over 100 years to complete, dominating the area with its bold architecture and twin towers.

One of the tallest and most famous modern landmarks in Monterrey is the Faro de Comercio tower, a tall, thin bright-red structure within the Gran Plaza area. Something quite different and much more historic is Monterrey’s State Government Palace, which boasts a Neo-classical facade and is central to many of the city’s main celebrations, such as the Mexican Flag Day each February.

The Festival Cultural del Barrio Antiguo (Cultural Festival of the Old Neighborhood) features concerts, performances and conferences which all take place in the clubs and establishments inside Monterrey’s ‘old town’ during late November. This event is one of the most important things to do in Monterrey, and exists as a pop-culture bastion of the city’s exquisite history and ancestry.

But it is the dramatic crags surrounding Monterrey that forms traditionally celebrated hotspots for adventure tours. Here, locals and foreigners come to test their climbing prowess on the massive limestone cliffs of Potrero Chico. Ride horses into Huajuco Canyon to Cola de Caballo, Mexico’s largest waterfall. Chipinque, an ecological park in the Sierra Madre foothills, draws birders, hikers, mountain bikers, and climbers. And hot air balloon rides allow for spectacular bird’s-eye views of the Monterrey expanse. While the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey is the country’s first national park, making it a haven for canyoneering, rappelling, mountaineering, and hang gliding.

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