Monterrey Offers World Class Outdoor Adventures

The northern state of Nuevo Leon is well known in Mexico for its meat-rich gastronomy. Roast goat kid (“cabrito”), traditionally dried and spiced beef or pork (“machaca”), and roast pork served with beans (“frijoles envenenados”) are the favourites amongst locals and visitors alike. This is not however the only reason why visitors flock to the state. The incredibly beautiful, rugged Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range offers visitors a range of outdoor activities that include hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking and canyoneering.

Only half an hour from the capital city of Monterrey is the quaint town of Santiago, built against the backdrop of the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park. Surrounded by a picturesque, forest-covered landscape the town itself is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, old colonial mansions, art galleries, furniture stores, traditional candy shops and restaurants.

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A quick drive or a longer walk up into the mountains leads to the famous “Cola de Caballo” (“horse tail”) waterfall, a spectacular 90 foot high cascade located in a nature reserve of the same name. The mountainous surroundings allow for easy hiking with trails along the river leading through pine, ebony, mesquite and oak forests populated by doves, woodpeckers, rabbits and even armadillos. An exciting route with seven zip-lines is also available for those who want to get their adrenaline pumping.

Zip-lines (also known as “zip wires” or “flying foxes”) is now a popular vacation activity for the whole family and numerous operators all over the country offer a variety of options, ranging from low-key to heart-stopping. This particular route is somewhere in between and is designed for old and young alike to enjoy. The forest setting definitely makes for great views while flying through its verdant green canopy.

So when you next plan to travel to Mexico, consider the State of Nuevo Leon as an attractive option, especially for outdoor enthusiasts.

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