Music, Food and Dancing Fill the Nights in Cancun

Although the beautiful beaches and luxury resorts are probably the first things that come to mind when you think about Cancun and the Riviera Maya, don’t overlook the local events they offer.

May is the month when Jazz comes to town. At the Cancun Jazz Festival you can enjoy the genre greats at venues around the Hotel Zone. The event spans several days, every year, and is a must for all music lovers.

Adventure park enthusiasts will enjoy parasailing the blue waters of the Caribbean or getting to scuba dive among the sea life, and there’s always the possibility to take a zipline tour through leafy canopies on one of the many jungle adventure experiences on offer.

In mid-March, Mexican gastronomy and star-chefs of the Americas are celebrated. The food and wine festival includes celebrity chef and winemaker dinners, luxury catamaran cruises and private beach club dinners, alongside wine and spirit tastings featuring offerings from Spain, the U.S, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

But if the party scene is more your thing, take note that nightlife in Cancun normally starts late. And travelers attending any party in Cancun can stay out until 6:00 AM in the majority of the city’s superclubs. Most of these hotspots are located in the Hotel District itself, making them a convenient cab or bus ride home from an evening on the town.

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