Oaxaca City’s Great Weather Makes it a Perfect Vacation Spot Year Round

Oaxaca, one of the southernmost states in Mexico, offers virgin beaches untouched by development, picturesque colonial cities, dense forests brimming with plant and animal life, and rugged mountains hiding indigenous villages. The traditional food, changing from town to town, the folkloric dances which reflect the history and traditions of the indigenous Mexican culture, and the music of the local bands and orchestras have inspired visitors from all over the world to explore one of the most diverse states in Mexico.

Due to its uneven and diverse geography, the State of Oaxaca is characterised for presenting climatological variations in its different life zones. The conditions and temperatures on the coastal areas differ greatly from those on the scraped mountains, the colorful valleys, and near Monte Alban and the surrounding dense and exuberant forests. The latter of which has become a contemporary playground for mountain bike tours, long and winding hikes, and amazing bird watching expeditions.

The state capital, on the other hand, has an agreeable subtropical climate; here the days are warm during the summer, but cool dramatically towards the beginning of the wet season, when nighttime temperatures can start to dip into single digits. Here the city is privileged enough to enjoy a climate that is often referred to as the “Eternal Spring”, making every day one filled with exciting things to do in Oaxaca.

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