Oaxaca Offers Multiple Health and Wellness Options

With its gorgeous coastline and rugged terrain, Oaxaca lures in curious visitors from around the world. With Oaxaca City as the culture capital of Mexico, many tourists come for exquisite food and Mexican culture as they learn more about this historical state full of natural beauty. However, for those seeking a vacation that also focuses on health and wellness activities, Oaxaca will not disappoint as the state has plenty of incredible options.

Where is Oaxaca? The state is located in Southern Mexico, with much of its coastline along the Pacific Ocean and a terrain that is excellent for excursions.


Oaxaca hiking is a must to experience its unique landscape and indigenous communities of the area. A popular adventure is to hike to Hierve El Agua, where visitors arrive to a petrified waterfall, a true natural wonder, with several swimming holes. For the more adventurous hikers, there are many other exciting Oaxaca tours and excursions, such as a hike through the Sierra Norte mountain range, experiencing Oaxaca from altitudes of 6,500 to 10,000 feet while discovering beautiful backdrops and friendly indigenous cultures.

Birding Tours

Oaxaca has the greatest number of birds of any Mexican state with nearly 800 species, making Oaxaca birding tours some of the greatest excursions to enjoy while visiting. Hop on a two-day bird watching tour as you journey through the mountains and discover rare birds, beautiful butterflies, and the charm of rural Oaxaca.

Yoga & Spa

For those looking to relax, Oaxaca is home to several yoga studios such as Shanti Yoga Estudio, which offers vinyasa flow and hatha yoga classes, or Pranta Yoga which, besides yoga, also offers meditation and dance classes. Further relaxation can be achieved at one of Oaxaca’s many inviting day spas. Visit Anahata Day Spa, for example, and have a deep massage, replenishing facial or indulge in a full body scrub.


It’s safe to say that a trip to the state of Oaxaca offers endless adventure, glorious natural wonders, and plenty of relaxation for those in search of health and wellness options in this Mexican state full of rich and colorful indigenous culture.

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