Oaxaca’s Rich Traditions and History Make it Ideal for Tourists

Oaxaca is arguably the most diversified state in Mexico.

The mountains tower over 9,000 feet and the caves, picturesque forests, sunny valleys and white beaches make this state a very important tourist attraction. Here travelers come from all over the world to spend their vacations in the warm waters off the coast, and those wanting to uncover its ancient Mayan culture, can go discover a rich history at nearby Monte Alban.

The capital city of Oaxaca is rich in traditions, customs and Mexican people, because of its diverse ethnic population. The physical presence of the Indigenous population, which includes sixteen ethnic groups, 22 languages and 150 dialects, is an unquestionable asset for the preservation of the state’s traditions.

With its vibrant cultures, colorful festivals and Mexican celebrations, stately colonial architecture, impressive archaeological legacy, excellent museums, art galleries and a thriving folk art tradition, Oaxaca city enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of Mexico’s cultural centers of gravity.

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