Play and Relax in the Sun at Cozumel’s Beach Clubs

A beach club is a privately owned bar or restaurant that is open to the public and that is, obviously, situated on the beach. The beach clubs in the more touristy areas of Mexico’s shoreline all boast essential elements of sand, sun, blue waters, beach beds and some of the best beach parks around.

Cozumel Island, nestled just off the Riviera Maya coastline in the Caribbean Sea, boasts a governmental policy ensuring that all beaches are open to the public, and as a result, the many Cozumel beach clubs have become increasingly popular amongst travelers.

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These beach clubs are Cozumel’s answer to providing inexpensive and comfortable oceanfront facilities to everybody. They provide an excellent way for visitors to sample a variety of beachfront experiences at reasonable prices. Dzul Ha beach club, Corona beach club and Playa Azul beach club, are some of the favorites on the island. However, activities also extend beyond the borders of the beach, especially in Cozumel, as the area is home to various opportunities for fantastic snorkeling and incredible scuba diving amongst the abundantly rich sea life.

Everybody loves spending their days on the beach, so what a better way to spend it than on one of the world-class beach clubs located around Mexico’s many scenic seashores.

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