Puerto Vallarta Has it All – Sun, Surf and Sand

Puerto Vallarta is located in Banderas Bay, and is part of the Western Sierra Madre. The local climate is tropical, which makes it a veritable paradise for both flora and fauna on land or in the water. It is considered a very important habitat in America, as it protects a large number of marine and land species.

This environment provides shelter for not only mammals, reptiles, insects and lesser known species, but also four hundred bird species of many different sizes and colors, and three hundred orchid species. Puerto Vallarta’s tropical weather is vital in protecting the biodiversity, specifically the beautiful tropical canopy that covers the mountains and feeds the different inhabitants of the jungle. When exploring or traveling through this natural paradise be sure to use only biodegradable sunscreen, in order to protect the animals and their environment.

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Puerto Vallarta tours cover more than 25 miles of coasts and beaches, and the lush jungle makes this destination ideal for ecotourism. Various dolphin species are also welcome inhabitants of the Bay, hosting a mix of bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins and spinner dolphins. Among the bay’s visitors that cause most enjoyment and are the Humpback whales, which return to the area every winter, to enjoy the warm waters from December to April, making for some of the best whale watching in Mexico.

Luckily the growing worldwide conscience regarding conservation, the intrinsic value of biodiversity and the enjoyment of nature is also sprouting in Puerto Vallarta. Conservation efforts will ensure that the area balances both the development aspects with a respect for nature and the rich bounty it offers.

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