Puerto Vallarta is a Door to the Best of Mexican Culture

Renowned as one of Mexico’s most enticing coastal destinations, each year millions come to Puerto Vallarta to laze on the dazzling sandy beaches, browse in the quirky shops, and enjoy the stylish restaurants. There are activities aplenty, and the most popular tours in Puerto Vallarta include boat trips, horseback rides, spotting wild dolphins, some of the best snorkeling experiences, and a Marietas Islands tour.

However, although a modern tourist area, Puerto Vallarta is still a relatively conservative town. And despite endless reform and development recently, the city still takes great pride in its distinct Mexican culture and tradition.

The rich culture of the city is due, in part, to the large community of national and international artists, sculptors, musicians, and cultural enthusiasts that have made the town their home. Throughout, the arts scene vibrates with creativity and innovation, as the city retains its longstanding reputation as an important cultural center in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta hosts many cultural festivals throughout the year, and is the destination for art lovers, art collectors and art patrons interested in immersing themselves in this vibrant and welcoming scene.

One of the defining characteristics of the Puerto Vallarta cultural identity is also the influence of tourism. The city constantly has to balance the increasingly popular tourism industry with the need to preserve historic buildings, and to house the the varieties of people that flock here, as it continues to grow.

Despite its young age and its just-forming identity, however, the culture of Puerto Vallarta is endlessly interesting. Walking through the downtown area, along the Malecon, or through the charming streets of the Zona Romantica, you will get a feel for the culture of Puerto Vallarta. Talk to locals, go to local events, and check out one of the several museums.

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