Puerto Vallarta is Perfect for Explorers and Bird Watchers

In birding terms, Mexico is a rich country, due to its geographical conditions and the wide variety of climates, habitats and ecosystems it harbors, which are home to unique and diverse varieties of flora and fauna.

Mexico is characterized by its vast biological diversity occupying first place in the world with regards to the number of reptiles, second place in the number of land vertebrates, more than 30,000 species of plants, as well as 1,040 different species of birds, of which 125 are endemic and approximately 400 that cannot be found in either USA or Canada.

There are many things to do in Puerto Vallarta, however the city, with more than 300 species of birds, is the perfect area for bird watching. The most compelling feature of the area is the Bahia de Banderas, which is cut like a semicircle out of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The coastline of the bay is relatively featureless, except for a few small inlets at the mouths of rivers, such as Yelapa, Boca de Tomatlan and Mismaloya.

In the mouth of the bay is a small cluster of rocky islands, known as the Marietas Islands, where many seabirds nest in season. High mountains come down to the water’s edge generally extending from San Blas, with Nayarit to the north, and southwards to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. The Bahia de Banderas, which features many dolphins in the wild, is carved out of these mountains and extends inwards towards a northeasterly direction as a valley.

The valley only covers between 100 to 150 square miles, but it is relatively flat, especially in the delta area. Towards the sides of the valley there are low foothills, where the mountains rise quite sharply, sometimes precipitously. On the north side, the valley is bound by the Sierra Vallejo, and on the south, by the even higher Sierra Cuale.

Mexico has many high quality birdwatching trips on offer, with experienced local birders who can arrange trips throughout the year. Normally these tours include cultural activities such as seeing historic sites, enjoying great food and experiencing the high quality service that the people of Mexico have to offer.eriencing the high quality service that the people of Mexico have to offer.

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