Relax and Replenish in the City of Monterrey, Mexico

For those seeking a vacation that emphasizes healthful activities, Monterrey Mexico is an ideal spot. Many visitors travel to the city to stay at the different wellness retreats that have been designed to improve physical and mental well-being. However, if you’re ever in search of what to do in Monterrey, or just the best Mexican food around, almost every aspect of the city offers a unique experience that can kickstart a journey towards better health.

Azuleno Spa, in particular, offers a calming city space specifically designed for yoga classes, workshops, day retreats, exhibitions, and meetings. The Spa is the ideal place to bring people together for realignment, flanked by Monterrey’s gorgeous city center views.

Mantra Mind & Body Spa is another deluxe city retreat specializing in traditional spa treatments. Here, you can find serene yoga activities that help you recover inner peace for the challenges life can throw your way. With state-of-the-art equipment, facial treatments, hot stone massages and visiting international teachers, it is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and experience a deepened practice.

Elsewhere, you can experience a traditional Mexican ritual steam bath known as temazcal – an ancient practice that’s used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual purification. An expert guide usually leads participants through a campfire ritual and temazcal session, whereafter you’ll be treated to a refreshing outdoor shower, a facial mud mask and natural snacks.

The city also boasts alternative ways of relaxing, as the surrounding setting is one of great natural beauty – ringed by jagged mountain peaks, as the Cerro de la Silla dominates the landscape.

The Huasteca Canyon for example is a popular destination for outdoor activities and features some of the best hikes in Mexico. During the summer months when the river is shallower visitors can swim and kayak in its tranquil waters. The surrounding cliffs that reach up to 1,000 feet (300 metres) in height allow for rock climbing, rappelling, and some great views of the passing hot air balloon rides. Because of its variety of trails and spectacular peaks this is also a favorite among weekend hikers.

With sprawling suburbs of gargantuan air-conditioned malls and manicured housing estates, this is one of Mexico’s most Americanized cities. But Monterrey’s attractions are diverse and myriad, and is a place to experience true serenity among the natural beauty of northern Mexico.

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