Saddle Up for Horseback Riding in San Miguel de Allende

It is estimated that horses were first ridden by humans approximately 3,500 BC. Horses have since played an important role throughout human history across the globe, both in warfare and in peaceful pursuits such as transportation, trade and agriculture.

Today, horseback riding in Mexico, a land renowned more for its Mexican ruins, has flourished by combining the best of Mexican culture, landscapes, cuisine and excellent ranch style rides. Large historical haciendas and famous horse breeding programs, as well as “charros” (cowboys), who are some of the best horsemen you’ll find anywhere, all combine in making Mexico a great horse country.

San Miguel de Allende tours offer rides through the rugged countryside, Puerto Vallarta has moonlit excursions on its horseback riding menu and the Riviera Maya hosts trips along the beach next to its spectacular turquoise Caribbean Sea. Whatever interests you the most, Mexico has the variety on offer to satisfy any horse lover’s riding needs.

Gallop across open grassland and prairies, canter through beautiful woods and high mountain forests, ride through small villages and at the end of each day relax in superb “fincas” and haciendas, with one of the greatest adventure activities Mexico has to offer.

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