San Jose del Cabo’s Local Events Are a Real Treat For Visitors

With a rich and colorful history dating back to the 1700’s, the laid-back community of San Jose del Cabo offers an abundance of Mexican charm and hospitality with its Spanish colonial character, much different than its livelier sister city of Cabo San Lucas, located 24 miles south-west.

The town is proud of its historic district – an area of back streets devoted to the bustling Art Walk event that takes place seasonally, from November through June, on Thursday nights. With wine tastings, artists in attendance and several gallery exhibits. The many art galleries showcase both traditional and modern works from renowned masters, as well as young artists with sculptures, paintings, crafts, and jewelry on display.

There are many other activities to do and things to see in and around San Jose del Cabo that have earned tributes from locals and visitors, catamaran tours, mountain bike trips and lessons to learn to scuba dive and snorkel certainly stand out, but the Farmers Market that takes place each Saturday from November through May in a large tree-shaded grassy area downtown, is a local favorite. This is a family affair with artisans, musicians, and food vendors all usually in attendance.

The February Jazz Festival, with the objective to celebrate Art & Culture, contributes to the development and promotion of this beautiful town and its surroundings over a weekend of endless jazz and celebration.

And no matter how sprawling its big-box outskirts, San Jose remains, at its heart, an old-fashioned colonial town, offering up some of the most unique, and best family vacations in Mexico today.

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