San Miguel de Allende’s Rugged Terrain is an Outdoor Enthusiast’s Playground

Although it was one of the first cities to be declared free from Spanish rule during the Mexican War of Independence, you’d be hard-pressed to find a colonial city in Mexico more beautiful and well-preserved than San Miguel de Allende.

Located in the far eastern side of the state of Guanajuato, where the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt can be found, the city has slowly turned into an outdoor enthusiast’s playground.

Situated on a desert plateau surrounded by mountains, the city is flanked by a profoundly natural beauty, that is – at its best – well-captured at the Cante Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of town. This 160-acre complex introduces you to the sparse beauty of desert vegetation, including a bewildering variety of cacti and winding hiking tours. On the way out of town in the direction of Queretaro, the El Mirador overlook offers a birds-eye view of the town from the mountains that surround it.

Today, among the slew of San Miguel de Allende tours on offer, there are several options to get the adrenaline flowing amid the arid paths of Guanajuato and its surroundings. Horseback riding tours through the canyons, hills, lakes and rivers has become a quintessential San Miguel activity, sought after by many who visit the region.

However, perhaps the most unique way to see San Miguel is from the air. Hot air balloon rides will leave you soaring through the skies, injecting a welcome dose of adrenaline for an unforgettable – and definitive – San Miguel experience.

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