San Miguel’s Culture is a Romantic Blend of Old and New

In the 1940’s, as a result of the arrival of the National Fine Arts Institute, painting, theater and music found a unique location to thrive and attract domestic and foreign artists. Giving San Miguel de Allende an outstanding cultural zest, while retaining its picturesque, laid-back feel.

A stroll in the downtown area will amaze you, with the explosion of baroque and neoclassical architecture. The tallest building in the city, with its pink limestone facade, is the Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel. The gothic aesthetic of this local parish church was inspired by Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. And according to legend, its architect, Zeferino Gutierrez used a picture postcard for inspiration.

At night, however, San Miguel de Allende excursions come alive in a unique and contemporary way, accompanied by an unusual supply of high quality restaurants and bars, and a constant flow of musicians from diverse parts of the world.

However, the city’s claim to fame is not only the significant part it played in the history of Mexico, but rather its recent transformation from a sleepy town without a traffic signal, into a fiesta-crazy magnet for international gastronomes.

Although they don’t run the bulls through the Jardín anymore, the area has lost none of its iconic stature. The houses of the leaders of the 1810 Revolution, and the silver barons have been turned into museums, banks, and boutiques. You can walk out your door and there’ll be a shop selling something you didn’t know you wanted.

And for those who like to experience the adventurous side of Mexico, you can find a variety of activities to fill your days. Horseback riding, hot air ballooning, hiking tours and ATV riding trails are only some of the most popular, and have elevated the city’s stature as an adrenaline-fueled city in its own right.

But above all else, San Miguel’s culture is enhanced by a fantastic spring-like climate, some of the best Mexican wine around, and a surfeit of cultural activities, which makes San Miguel de Allende an unmissable highlight for anyone visiting the Northern Central Highlands.

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