Scuba Diving is a Must-do Shore Trip in Loreto

This ancient and beautiful destination, cradled by the lush hills of the Sierra de la Giganta and the cobalt waters of the Sea of Cortez, immerses you in history and culture from the moment you step onto its shores.

Dating back nearly 12,000 years, Loreto is thought to be the oldest human settlement on the Peninsula of Baja California, and today you can explore its fascinating cave paintings and petroglyphs.

It is also where the Jesuit missionaries landed, founding the first Mission of Baja California, and establishing the Church of Our Lady of Loreto – which still anchors the town. Mexican heritage and colonial influences can both be seen as you wander through the quaint streets, browsing the shops, sampling the local fare and meeting the friendly people.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love exploring the sun-drenched and scenic surroundings, all flanked by the serene Loreto weather. Sparkling beaches and dramatic cliff-top vistas invite thrill-seekers and eco-travelers alike to discover the local flora and fauna and the abundant water activities.

However, of all the things to do in Loreto, scuba diving off the coast and around the islands of Loreto is arguably the most exciting, revealing an underwater world full of reefs, incredible rock formations and colorful tropical fish

Kayaking, sailing, the best snorkeling in Mexico, and Baja fishing are also everpopular, as are more extreme off-road adventures and, in the winter months, whale watching mania takes over the town. Come experience the unspoiled beauty of Loreto for yourself!

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