Simple Travel Ideas for Visiting Baja’s Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a small town located on the Pacific coast side of the Baja California Peninsula, about an hour’s drive north of Cabo San Lucas. Although smaller in size compared to the more tourist oriented towns and cities close by, Todos Santos offers a seaside village hospitality for the whole family that has become rare in the modern world.

In the vast waters off the Pacific coast and even farther afield in the Sea of Cortez, a variety f outdoor activities are on offer, including scuba diving, incredible snorkeling, whale watching, having a swim with sea lions or experiencing world-famous Sea of Cortez kayaking. Todos Santos is a place where any person, no matter their age, can experience safe and versatile fun.

Moving inland, the entire Todos Santos area is a biking and mountain hiking and biking nirvana, perfect for the more adventurous members of the family, with 30 miles of trails over dunes, around cacti, and through dreamlike landscapes with panoramic ocean views.

A destination perfect for a discerning group of experiential travelers who crave an alternative to traditional resort living. In Todos Santos, you won’t have to look far to uncover the town’s rich exoticism and old-world charm.

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