Sleepy Akumal Offers Visitors Year Long Summertime

Akumal is one of the most special spots along the Riviera Maya, located about 45 minutes south of Playa del Carmen.

Stretching from Caribbean beach to inland jungle, the wide variety of tours from Akumal create an opportunity to see an array of tropical flora and fauna. Here, the jungle is full of palm trees, bromeliads, and orchids, supporting animal life and providing the local population with many resources. The original settlers of this region have long utilized these plants for food, medicine, and building materials.

Consistently listed as one of the best places to go snorkeling, Akumal bay is also renowned for its sea turtle population. In fact, in the language of ancient Mayan culture, Akumal means ‘place of the turtle’, and the abundance of green sea turtles are hard to miss here.

However, this sleepy little town truly comes to life beneath its thrillingly reliable climate. Akumal weather is characterised by its almost yearlong summertime. And the seasons can be divided into rainy and dry.

The wet season usually begins in June or July and lasts until November, with the heaviest rains coming in July-August. Rain is welcome during this time of the year, as the summer months are pretty hot. The rainy season does not tend to scare away visitors, though.

The dry season of course, occurs during the remaining half of the year. And there can be very short downpours or light rains during this time. Generally, the coolest months of the year are December-January, with the warmest being June-July.

Due to the humidity, you will want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and spotty rainfall tends to invite the use of an umbrella.

The town has much to offer those yearning to learn about the local culture and history of the area. And no matter what you dream your trip to Mexico will be, Akumal has everything you need to make your next vacation a memorable one.

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