So Many Scuba Diving Options Off the Coast of Puerto Vallarta

Located right along the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta offers visitors a dozen sandy, sun-kissed beaches, plenty of colorful festivals and celebrations, tropical jungles to explore and many a mountainside to traverse. However, scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta has made a real name for itself as the main attraction – alongside popular attractions such as kayaking, snorkeling, and the ever-popular thriller adventure experience.

Two of the best diving areas are located within the Bahia de Banderas area. The underwater preserve of Los Arcos is the consensus choice, and arguably the most well known spot around. It consists of a small cluster of islands in the south part of the bay with beautiful rock formations and abundant sea life.

Isla Marietas – roughly 20 miles away – is ringed by glorious coral reefs and volcanic rock formations, and once found itself as the subject of Jacques Cousteau’s documentaries in the 1970’s.

Chimo and El Morro are where the big pelagic fish congregate, such as whale sharks and manta rays – and is a favorite spot for whale watching. However, these areas demand advanced recreational diving experience.

Whatever the weather in Puerto Vallarta, there’s always a reason to spend your days exploring the area, and the underwater magic the bay has to offer.

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