Some of the Very Best Mexican Food is Served in Oaxaca

Oaxaca city is underrated when it comes to fine dining and delicious cuisine, but has slowly developed into a progressive and stylish city, where venues serve incredibly flavorful dishes that have prompted much interest. Here are some highlights for your next visit:

Casa Oaxaca
One of the most striking aspects of Casa Oaxaca is the number of Mexican wines on their list. The main dishes available at Casa Oaxaca are not only decadent but inspired. Enjoy a combination of deer on fried sweet potato with grasshoppers and cheese or fresh, wild mussels. The food is exciting and constantly evolving to reflect seasonal flavors and ingredients, all prepared and served in a beautiful, boutique hotel located in the heart of Mexican culture.

Restaurante Los Danzantes
Excellent Mexican cuisine fusion in a spectacular architect-designed patio makes Los Danzantes one of Oaxaca’s special dining spots. The hierba santa leaves rolled around two cheeses are a great starter, and crème brûlée with walnut crumble, a perfect dessert. In between, you could go for a fish fillet in mole amarillo (yellow mole) or a rib-eye steak with wild mushrooms. There’s quality house mezcal on offer too.

Of all the things to do in Oaxaca, Itanoni offers a particularly unique pervading air of smoky deliciousness. This restaurant focuses on utilizing corn in every way possible. The menu is a mix of fine-dining options and street-food inspired dishes, resulting in fantastic fusion of strong, urban flavors and delicate, high-brow arrangement. Their signature dishes are the antojitos – corn-based dishes that are traditionally the centerpiece of many Mexican meals. The quality of the corn enhances the simplicity of the dishes to create meals with incredible flavor and delicate texture.

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