Take to the Skies in Monterrey in a Hot Air Balloon

Recognized as one of the best adventure tours in Mexico today, hot air ballooning has taken off exponentially in Mexico. A large degree of this popularity is attributed to the country’s perfect year-round weather, which makes for easy travelling across the blue skies.

A hot air balloon is conceptually the simplest of all flying machines; it is made up of two parts, the envelope and basket. The envelope is lightweight and very resistant, and the great efficiency of the basket has allowed it to not change much since its invention; it is still made from wicker, as the material is very sturdy and flexible. Although balloons don’t have a propulsion system, they do have a degree of directional control, by making the balloon rise or descend to find favorable winds.

The predominantly mountainous region of Monterrey boasts a variety of landscapes, ranging from pine and oak forests to snow-covered mountains in the winter and diverse types of deserts. The imposing mountain range that runs through the region is called the Sierra Madre Oriental and is one of the largest mountain ranges in Mexico. As it is the capital city of the state of Nuevo Leon, is not traditionally considered a popular tourist destination, but it has much to offer its visitors. Set in an 1,800-foot high valley and surrounded by the Sierra Madre, this industrial metropolis allows visitors to access plenty of outdoor activities and adventure tours, including hiking, mountain biking, zip lining and canyoning.

Making the travel to Mexico worth the while, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, allowing you to catch breathtaking aerial views and discover an incredible mix of adrenaline pumping moments and the thrill of quietly moving through the clouds in the skies above, can only be had from the unique vantage point that hot air balloons can offer.

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