Tampico is a Great Option for Exciting Adventure Tours

Tampico is a city and port, nestled in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. It is located on the north bank of the Panuco River, about 6 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. A city of contrasts, Tampico, on one hand showcases a colorful, tropical, and exotic land, while on the other, a quaint city, masked in rich Mexican architecture and an interesting history.

The region was settled by the Huastecas in pre-Hispanic times, and there are several small Mayan ruins in the area, but the most important site is located in Las Flores. Another main tourist attraction of Tampico is Playa Miramar located at the Gulf Coast; this is a favorite destination among Tampico’s inhabitants and an ideal place to practice water sports.

The town is surrounded by rivers, some of the best waterfalls in Mexico, and many lagoons, in which the Carpintero Lagoon stands out for its beauty and natural environment, and where many wild animal species can be observed. Making Tampico, and its fantastic natural environment, a place ripe for incredible adventure tours and a city where many memories are made.

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