Tampico is an Adventurer’s Paradise

Contemporary Tampico is known as a center of production of oil, copper and silver. According to the history of Mexico, however, prior to gaining the status of city in 1823, it was considered a small settlement, whose inhabitants were mainly involved in agriculture.

Since the city is located in a truly picturesque location on the coast of the Persian Gulf, it quickly attracted the attention of travelers. The perfect beaches and rich nature are ideal for relaxation, while the mild climate of the region makes the “velvet” season nice and long. Today there are several large bustling adventure hotspots nestled in and around the city, lending to a vast array of things to do in Tampico.

Those who like fun excursions, should definitely go to a town named El Tyne, where there are many historical monuments. This town has become famous for its amazing pyramids, the construction of which took place in the 9th – 13th centuries. Queretaro, on the other hand, is where the most striking architectural monuments are located. Here, the majority of the buildings were constructed in the 17th – 18th centuries. The city is also home to many old buildings. Nowadays first floors of these old homes have been turned into open air restaurants and hotels, which make for an increasingly cozy and romantic aesthetic.

Of the adventure tours on offer, you cannot miss Carpintero Lagoon, the Panuco River – perfect for white water rafting – or the Plaza de Armas and Miramar Beach, where the golden sand awaits you. Here you can enjoy a range of watersports such as surfing, sport fishing, jet skiing and sailing!

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