Tamtoc is the Heart of the Huasteca Region and a Great Day Trip from Tampico

Considered to be the capital of the prehispanic Huasteca region, Tamtoc comprises 175 hectares.

Located in northeast Mexico, sixty miles from the Gulf of Mexico, the ruin is centered around a ceremonial plaza the size of six football fields. Tamtoc featured a ball court, stelae, artificial hills and lagoons, and dozens of ritual and residential platforms. It is flanked by two man-made twelve-story mounds, visible from miles away, and at its height, 700 years ago, the city had a peak population of approximately 15,000 people.

There are many trips that run to the surrounding area, particularly the El Cielo biosphere reserve close by, where kayak and whitewater rafting tours can be experienced, as well as visits to some of the best waterfalls in Mexico.

However, the ruins are today considered to be one of the few well preserved Huastec sites. The cleared part of the expansion is a plaza with platforms made of river stones. Look for a low bench with two conical altars decorated with faded 1000-year old frescoes believed to represent Quetzalcóatl, the feathered serpent god.

Tamtoc is both close to many great adventure tours, and yet remains far away from the commercialized impact the country has felt in recent years. An authentic representation of ancient Mexican culture and its rich history, the archaeological site is an essential stop for travelers who want a genuine cultural experience.

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