The Climate in Puerto Vallarta Make it’s Weather Ideal All Year Long

Puerto Vallarta weather is characterized for its typical tropical climate, with nearly constant temperatures and year-round humidity.

The rainy season runs from June through Mid-October, with virtually no precipitation the rest of the year. Even in rainy season, the rain normally falls in short bursts, most often at night, with the days being hot and dry

There is a marked dry season in the winter. February, March and April are the months with the least cloud cover. Prevailing winds arrive from the southwest, and most weather systems approaching Puerto Vallarta are consequently weakened as they pass over Cabo Corriente. Thus, even during the rainy season Puerto Vallarta’s weather tends to be mild compared to other areas along the Mexican Pacific coast.

Hurricanes seldom strike Puerto Vallarta. However, in 2002, Hurricane Kenna, a category 5 hurricane, made landfall about 100 miles northwest of Puerto Vallarta, and the city, and many of the Mexican beaches in the surrounding area, suffered some damage from the resulting storm surge. In 1971, Hurricane Lily, a category 1 hurricane, caused serious flooding on the Isla Cuale, prompting the city to relocate all of its residents to the new Colonia Palo Seco.

However, apart from the occasional radical weather changes, the general year-round consistency makes for sunny days that assist in creating perfect conditions for zip lining, diving, snorkeling and the many sailing trips that depart from the coast. Be sure to pick up a pair sunglasses and some major sunblock before you come down to the sun-drenched city of Puerto Vallarta.

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