The Coastal Resort of Nuevo Vallarta is a Great Location for Animal Lovers

Nuevo Vallarta is one of the fastest growing Mexico vacation spots, garnering the second-highest number of hotels in the country. The countryside is composed mainly of vast golf courses, exclusive condominiums, luxurious restaurants, marinas, and miles of golden beaches. This is a great place to try all kinds of watersports such as surfing, kayaking, paddle- and kite surfing, and – quite unabashedly – lays claim to the best scuba diving in Mexico. The hotels and resorts in the area also hide world-class spas and renowned restaurants.

Despite gentrification and mass development however, this little seaside gem still retains much of its grandiose, rich Mexican history. And has struck a real balance between the touch of the encroaching modern world, and the glory of yesteryear.

There are many things to do in Nuevo Vallarta, but the two marinas, Nuevo Vallarta Marina and Paradise Village Marina, are certainly worth a visit. They can accommodate around 500 vessels and the latter is certified as the cleanest marina in the country. Beautiful ships, natural surroundings, and luxurious properties that stretch alongside, should be enough to attract your attention. But if not, the marinas are home to numerous species such as herons, ducks, pelicans, and seagulls, as well as enormous crocodiles that swim freely between boats. If you don’t disturb them, you shouldn’t be disturbed either.

Here, the animal kingdom is prosperous. And that is overly present in the many local turtle releases. Olive Ridley and leatherback turtles come to the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta and neighbouring Sayulita to lay their eggs, spurring the development of a turtle sanctuary near Bahia del Sol Resort that guarantees their protection. From August to January nightly releases are organized if any eggs have hatched.

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