The Fishing Village of Loreto is a Great Way to Experience the Baja

Burrowed into the coastal belt of the Baja California Peninsula, the little town of Loreto is an amalgamation of heritage, rich tradition and a whole lot of charm, flanked by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs and unparalleled rock formations.

Despite its size, there is always an abundance of things to do in Loreto, but the town’s celebrations in honor of its long winding history and distinctive Mexican culture should be a priority when you consider visiting next.

September 8th introduces the Feast of Our Lady of Loreto, which is held in tribute of its beloved patron saint. While October brings around the Jesuit Missions Festival which credits the monks who went out to evangelize the new American territory. The annual Loreto Dorado tournament has seen a surge of visitors to the region, as families are encouraged to participate together for three days of fishing and celebrating. And the Loreto Food and Wine Festival, a relatively new festival to enter town, encourages visitors to try some of the incredible regional recipes, which includes world-famous chocolate clams, classical Mexican food and some of the best wines in the area, during the 3-day event.

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