The Health and Wellness Industry Takes Off in La Paz

For those seeking a vacation that emphasizes well-being, La Paz, Mexico is the ideal spot, with several wellness retreats and centers popping up around the small coastal community in recent years. Specifically designed to improve physical and mental well-being, all of them guarantee a unique experience that will kickstart your journey towards better health.

The 7-day cleanse structure is arguably one of the most exciting things to do in La Paz. Here, you can expect to find tranquility on private beachfront homes outside La Paz, where raw-food chefs prepare organic meals and fresh juices daily. Guests can receive nutritional counseling and meet with experienced therapists who provide treatments such as massages, acupuncture treatments and holistic facials. Built around ideals meant to clear the mind, body and spirit of stress and toxins, these programs often include meditation, breathwork and other outdoor activities.

Yoga retreats have also found a recent rise in popularity. Focused on detoxification and relaxation, La Paz’s best features ocean views, lush tropical vegetation, infinity pools, state of the art amenities, and – in order to minimize environmental impact – there might not even be electricity, aside from inside the restaurant and yoga studio.

Adventure oriented wellbeing, on the other hand, can be a great alternative. Swimming with whale sharks has proven to be a revitalizing experience. And the 17,000-acre marine protected area south of La Paz is home to some of the best sea lion snorkeling tours. Further cementing the town’s status as a premier wellness destination.

A slightly scruffier location, with an interesting brand of Mexican history, La Paz is all about incredible views, revolutionary healing, and a chilled out pace of life.

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