The Mountain Enclave of Valle de Bravo is Rich in Small Town Culture

Visiting Valle de Bravo is like taking a lengthy stride backwards through time. Considered one of Mexico’s ‘Pueblos Magicos’, it is an idyllic, small-town community set in a deep, pine-clad valley.

With terracotta-tiled roofs, iron balconies affixed to many of the older buildings and a mass of whitewashed houses all huddled together, it is an immediately appealing place.

Lake Avandaro is regularly filled with boats, and shimmers in the sunlight as visitors and locals partake in a variety of water sports and adventure tours. The zócalo is ringed with restaurants and centred on a twin-towered church, sitting on a rise a fifteen-minute walk from the waterfront, where most of the action is centred.

Interestingly enough, Valle de Bravo paragliding is a tremendous winter attraction for glider pilots from around the world, and is considered one of the finest locations for these free-flying sports.

However, Valle de Bravo is made to be experienced from the street. On weekends, a cacophony of tubas, trumpets and saxophones act as the soundtrack to the activity of balloons, popcorn stands and roasted-peanut vendors that crowd the central plaza. You can always check out the many bazaars, boutiques, galleries, and markets, and explore one of the loveliest colonial centers in all of central Mexico.

Here, a much more intimate destination awaits, one that satisfies a deep and nostalgic appetite for Mexican life and culture.

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