The Natural Surroundings of Tapachula are a Nature Lover’s Paradise

Between marimba sounds, natural attractions and coffee plantations, Tapachula Mexico is a city with a lot to offer. Located in the southern part of Chiapas, on the Soconusco coastal plain and only 30 minutes from the border with Guatemala, the Pearl of Soconusco, as it is commonly known, enjoys its proximity to a variety of natural attractions.

A fascinating combination of urban sophistication and tropical tempo embraces Tapachula’s heart, which resides in the large, lively Parque Hidalgo, with vistas of the towering Tacana Volcano to the north.

The zocalo, or main park, has entertainment at the bandstand on many evenings and during the weekends. A marimba group or other musicians might play, or Mexican folk dances and other cultural events will take place.

This part of the state is also covered by dense rainforest. It has innumerable rivers and lakes, and it is rich in wildlife and tropical plants for you to explore. And with an annual average temperature of 78°F (25°C), there is always time to participate in a few Tapachula tours that maneuver around the well-known coffee route, in which 13 coffee plantations show each and every part of the interesting coffee production.

It’s possible to admire the amazing landscape from these plantations, which overflows with ornamental plants, colorful flowers and impressive endemic fauna. You might also get to discover some of beautiful villages and small towns dotted along the way.

You’ll never be left without ideas of what to do in Tapachula, as the weather, location and natural attractions have collaborated to make a sprightly little Mexican city that is destined to become a popular tourist destination in Mexico.

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