The Riviera Maya has Something Fun for Everyone

When next you are considering a trip to Mexico the south eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula must top the list of places to visit and discover. With more than 80 miles of white sand beaches and turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, the fast growing coastal strip known as the Riviera Maya is a vacationer’s paradise. Warm tropical sun, lively beach clubs, hotels that range from huge all-inclusive resorts to smaller boutique properties, shopping for local crafts, and all the water-based sports you can imagine are available here, including jet surfing, sea kayaking, scuba diving, reef snorkeling, wave runners, parasailing and deep sea fishing.

For the more adventurous explorers this very popular region also offers visitors the opportunity to combine cultural encounters and incredibly beautiful natural environments with a multitude of active adventure tours guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. Our recommendation for great day trips include the following:

1. The Yucatan Peninsula is literally one big block of limestone which, over a period of hundreds of thousands of years of erosion, has produced a labyrinth of underground cave systems that are currently and mostly filled with crystal clear fresh water. “Cenotes”, an iconic feature of the Yucatan Peninsula’s geography, are large natural sinkholes that allow easy access into these spectacular systems. Vacationers are able to appreciate these natural wonders either by swimming, walking, snorkeling or even diving through them. Additionally many local operators combine visits with exciting experiences like zip lining over bigger cenotes or rappelling into the deepest of them.

2. Given the tranquility of the Caribbean Sea in the Riviera Maya and it’s incredible visibility, sea snorkeling is a must. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef runs from northern Cancun as far down south as Belize and is the second longest in the world, after Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef. Not only will you find many shallow water, shore access options but local operators and dive shops offer boat trips, snorkel classes and guided tours. With more than 100 coral species, over 400 fish species, sea turtles, rays and even some sharks, this is an activity not to be missed.

Featured Tours in the Riviera Maya