The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Offers Visitors Many Unique Experiences

For the nature oriented, Sian Ka’an is a tropical paradise of superlatives. The Biosphere Reserve is home to a variety of rare and spectacular creatures including dolphins, manatees, tropical fish and hundreds of species of exotic birds.

Literally meaning “A Gift from Heaven” in the language of the ancient Maya, today the reserve is a protected area, and a leader in the field of Mexican ecotourism. Spanning more than a million acres, it is also located just a few miles from the immensely beautiful archeological site of Tulum – often regarded as one of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico.

The ancient Mayan trading town of Muyil, also known as Chunyaxché, can also be explored within this amazing treasure filled reserve. This carefully restored archaeological site is one of the earliest and longest inhabited Mayan sites in the region.

The biosphere also supports a unique natural balance between marine, saline wetland and vast areas of dryland environments, all along its approximately 80 miles of protected coastline. As a result it is home to an incredible diversity of ecosystems that include wetlands, tropical forests, mangrove lagoons, and the second largest barrier reef in the world.

It also provides a habitat for a large number of resident and migratory bird species. Idyllic for the avid bird-lover, bird watching tours typically take advantage of the magnificent labyrinth of lagoons and natural canals in the sanctuary, allowing for memorable sunrise and sunset bird experiences.

However, due to the sweeping mix of coastal and wetland territory, Sian Ka’an tours offer up beautiful panoramic vistas, perfect for kayaking. Tranquil paddling across its protected channels through mangroves and quiet lagoons, is a spectacular way to spend the early morning or late afternoon.

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