The Sian Ka’an Ecological Reserve is Home to Mayan Ruins, Jungles and Wetlands

Sian Ka’an is an ecological reserve that protects more than 1.3 million acres of Mayan ruins, coastal reefs, mangroves, and savannas, and is home to over 350 types of birds, as well as pumas, jaguars, ocelots, two different species of monkey, crocodiles and an abundance of plant species.

The archeological site of Muyil is located in the northern part of the reserve. This ancient Mayan trading post is the perfect place to enjoy the astounding Mayan culture, and the best place to see some of the most opulent and intricate temples ever made.

There is a trail that runs from this area towards the tallest observation point in Sian Ka’an, making it possible admire to the exuberant vegetation, freshwater wetlands and a sand dune in the horizon. Boat rides traverse the Muyil lagoon, which is connected by a canal that has been in use for many centuries.

Xlapak is the name of the building at the beginning of the lazy river and is the starting point of an incredible floating experience in crystal clear pluvial water on its way to the Caribbean. You can float for over 30 minutes surrounded by mangroves, orchids, bromeliads and cacti. Making this area not only an historic and cultural experience, but one of the premier ecotourism destinations in the country.

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